Play Ready Golf

Ready Golf Mission:  To provide a fun round of golf at a good pace.

Note: Ready Golf can only be practiced in Stroke Play.  It cannot be practiced in Match Play.

On the tee:

  1. The player who is ready should hit.
  2. Shorter hitters should hit first.
  3. Tee-off as soon as the group ahead is clear.
  4. Carry an extra ball in your pocket.

On the Fairway:

  1. Hit when ready and safe; do not use the “honor system”.
  2. Take appropriate clubs to your ball and hit without delay.
  3. Have your group watch where each shot goes.
  4. Limit search for lost balls to 3 minutes.

On the Green:

  1. Place your clubs, or you cart, between the green and the next tee.
  2. Study your putt while others are putting
  3. Continue putting until you have holed out unless standing for your putt places you in another player’s line.
  4. Leave the green immediately after holing out and proceed to the next tee. Complete your scorecard after you’re off the green.

On Par 3 Greens:

  1. Upon reaching the green, if the group in front of you is waiting to hit on the next tee, stand in a safe area and have the group behind you hit up onto the green.

Short Cuts

  1. Mark your score on the way to the next tee.
  2. When driving a cart, drop your partner at her ball, then, continue to yours.


3 Key Ready Golf Rules:

  • Stay within one shot of the group in front of you
  • Hit when ready and safe
  • Continue putting until you hole out