FAQs for New Members

How do I find out about events?

The primary way that we communicate with members is through our bi-weekly newsletter.  In it, you will learn of upcoming events and be provided with a link to register for the event.  You will also get special messages devoted to an event with the opportunity to register.

How do I sign up for an event?

We use on-line sign-up for all of our events.  You will be asked to register and pay for the event.  Payment can be made through PayPal or with a credit card.  You can also register guests for most events.

May I bring a guest to an event?

We encourage members to bring guests and most of our events are open to guests.  A few, like the Chapter Championship and the Thruway Challenge, are open only to members.  The registration form will include a space to register guests if they are permitted.  Guests may play in up to three events without becoming LPGA – Women Who Play members.

Will you pair me with my guest?

Most likely you will be paired with your guest.  Every effort will be made to make that happen.

How will I find out about my tee time?

We ask that all participants report to the course 30 minutes prior to the start time published in the event registration announcement.  Last minute schedule changes are frequent and the event coordinator needs to have everyone available to accommodate changes.

Do I have to have an index/handicap to play in golf events?

Usually, no.  Some competitive events, such as the Chapter Championship or Thruway Challenge require a handicap to compete.  Sometimes, we can accommodate “just for fun” golfers at these events, depending on the availability of tee times.  Check the registration form to see if there is an opportunity for non-competitive play.

Should I establish a handicap?

Many women do not establish a handicap and, in social golf, it is not absolutely necessary.  The golf handicap system is a complex formula established by the USGA that factors in your average score, the difficulty of the course, and some other factors.  The main purpose of a handicap is to allow golfers at all levels to compare their scores in a competitive environment.  With a golf handicap, you can play in competitive events against golfers with higher abilities.  Many golf events require golfers to submit a handicap to play.

Another reason to establish a handicap is to monitor your improvement.  After each round of golf, you post your score and eventually you will see the trend of your golf game.  As you improve, your handicap index goes down.  See the Handicap Section under the Learn Tab on our web site for additional information on the handicap system.  Handicap maintenance and tracking is included in your membership dues.  LPGA – Women Who Play members participate in the Golf Net System which is accepted on par with the GHIN Handicap System.

As a new golfer, which events are best suited for me?

In the Rochester Region Chapter, new golfers are welcome at all of our events.  You might want to familiarize yourself with the “It’s Okay to Play Golf for Fun” suggestions, the “Play Ready Golf” guidelines and the “Basics of Golf Etiquette” article in the New Member Section of the web site before you participate in your first event.  Make sure that your playing partners know that you are a new golfer.  They will be sure to help you along the way and make sure that you are comfortable playing in our events.

Will someone teach me how to golf?

If you are brand new to the game of golf, we encourage you to sign up for our clinics.  These clinics are taught by certified instructors.  Also, some local teaching pros offer significant discounts on lesson packages for Chapter members.  These offers usually appear in late winter or early spring.  We also encourage you to practice what you have learned.  There are many driving ranges and practice facilities in our area. 

Is there a dress code?

LPGA – Women Who Play encourages members to respect the traditions of the game and golf etiquette.  In keeping with this, members and their guests are expected to wear appropriate golf attire that complies with the standards set by the courses we play.  The following are not appropriate on the golf course:  tank tops, halter tops, midriff baring tops, tee shirts, fishnet tops, cutoffs, sweatpants, jogging suits, athletic shorts, “short” shorts, and denim of any color.

Can I volunteer to serve on a committee or work on an event?

Emphatically – YES!  In fact, volunteering is a great way to meet other chapter members.  We are 100% reliant on our member volunteers to conduct the work of this chapter.  Contact the Member Services Director (currentmembers@ewgarochesterny.com) or the event Chair to volunteer.

How can I get the most out of my membership?

  1. Read our bi-weekly newsletter and our event e-mails. All of our events, other events of interest to members and updates are included there.
  2. Visit our chapter website (ewgarochesterny.com) often. Event announcements and other important information appear there.  There is also a member directory on the site.
  3. Visit the LPGA – Women Who Play website (lpgawomenwhoplay.com). You can learn more about the organization, learn of special offers and discounts for members and get golf tips there.
  4. If you have questions or concerns, contact the Member Services Director (currentmembers@ewgarochesterny.com) or any Board member.