SavvyGirl Golf


Savvy Girl Golf was founded in 2012 by sisters, Deb Story and Diane McCue.    These two avid golfers embarked on a 2-year journey to design and manufacture the perfect golf purse.  This journey resulted in two purses that are both fashionable and functional. The lead purse in the collection is the Signature purse.  It has 29 multifunction pockets, clips and compartments that hold everything a women needs on and off the course.  The Birdie purse, with its 5 compartments and 1 clip, is perfect for walking golfers, taking to the 19th hole and as a daily use purse.  The purses are sold primarily on their website,  EWGA members receive a 20% discount when using Coupon Code EWGA20 at checkout.

The founders of Savvy Girl Golf LLC, Deb Story & Diane McCue, are excited to partner with the Rochester Chapter of EWGA.  Here is a message from them….  “We are impressed with the chapter’s commitment to learning golf, having fun and supporting fellow members.  Both of us are avid golfers and were always frustrated that we could not find our cell phones, balls, keys, phones, tees, and money quickly.  We were also forever finding old suntan lotion, stinky gloves, crumbs and dirt in our golf bag and purses!”